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This site was created by Dave Searby Mason and is in two parts.

The first part is called the “Primary Text”.   Everything in the Primary Text comes from my own search for the second kind of truth, so comes from my direct experiences.

The rest of the site is a collection of supporting advice and information I have collected over the years, some of it written by me, some of it made by others.  Where possible, I attribute the original creators.

The supporting information contains examples and advice for any interested in Meditation and Mindfulness and does not advocate any particular tradition or teaching but will reflect my own experiences and subsequent preferences.

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The Primary Text : what is the 2nd kind of truth?

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Supporting info
(1) a little theory about the inside and the outside of us.

Stillness and Meditation – guide to practice

Initial help with Constancy or 24/7 Mindfulness

More on Constancy and the different kinds of Mindfulness

Kernels – bite sized reminders

Helpful quotes from many sources

Patterns – the hints of deeper meanings

Little acorns – seeing small beginnings and where they might go

The Ten Year Notebook – old notes I took studying others

Questions and Answers – a few answers given over the years.  https://thesearchforthesecondtruth.com/2009/08/23/questions-and-answers/

the physical side of mindfulness / Constancy


“CONVERSATION” – a novella – a short fictional work.  Although fiction, it does cover similar ground to the subjects on this site :

This can be bought from Kindle here :



The 18
This page is an early attempt to shape ‘how’ change might be engineered.

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