Supporting info (5) – Kernels



Kernels are bite-sized bits of knowledge, reminders that you can use to help some stages in Constancy


the wholething

we wake up and

find we want the truth.

finding out about ourselves

and finding truth are the same thing.

in presenting ourselves to others

we put ourselves on the journey

of finding out everything else



We open the door to feelings and start the constant looking at the ones we can see. We learn that all feelings are connected to each other. The feelings we watch are connected to the deeper ones we cannot see. This then can be our path, from the known feelings to the deeper unknown.



Inter-weaving and layering, patterns manifest as we proceed directly to the truth. The patterns we see are connected to ones we cannot see. Causation involves an act of recognition. A cause, is then an act of recognising a phase in a pattern.



The most wonderful things, are in the easiest place to look, yet seem so difficult to find. To dig a hole, we would use a shovel but what tools might we use to look inside our own hearts and minds? It is best to have a method to help our looking.



We do what we must

Doing what we must is mapped out for us

We are the map.



Simplicity, is complexity seen from a long way away



Our Sky

it struck me a while back
with the force of an imploding star
that on this planet
there is not one mediocre human being
that each has a heart the size of a continent washed
with oceans of swelling tidal feelings
whether we see them or not
that each has a playful child inside and
a playful grandparent, no matter how deeply buried
and while I cannot love them all
(especially the nasty ones)
they are my brothers and sisters
their eyes laced with naked pain
and its hidden redemption
under the sky,
our sky.



Do all day

Imagine a world where machines make everything we need.
These machines repair and replace themselves.
And if there was no more war and poverty
What would we do all day?



So, what’s it all about then?

(Q). please tell me what to do
(A) . no, I cannot
(Q). why not?
(A) . it wouldn’t work
(Q). are you enlightened?
(A) . tell me what enlightenment is and I will tell you if I have got it.
(Q). enlightenment is . . . . knowing everything
(A) . I don’t know everything
(Q). enlightenment is . . . . freedom from suffering
(A) . I am not free from suffering
(Q). enlightenment is . . . . being able to save others from suffering
(A) . people save themselves from suffering
(Q). enlightenment is . . . . total wisdom and grace
(A) . only you can tell me if I am wise and I have no grace to give
(Q). so what do you have?
(A) . I know what is true
(Q). what is truth?
(A) . it is a direct experience
(Q). will I get it?
(A) . that depends how much you want it.
(Q). how can I know that?
(A) . by looking
(Q). why can’t you tell me what it is?
(A) . I can tell you what it is, I just did
(Q). but I don’t feel any different
(A) . that is because you have not experienced it directly, you heard the words I said, your mind/brain processed them – but you have not felt the truth directly.
(Q). how can I feel it?
(A) . you must choose a method of looking and apply it constantly till you know
(Q). that does not sound so hard.
(A) . if it is not difficult, why have you not done it already? have you been doing something more important all these years? When you have found your own truth, then look for it the faces of others.



How big is your unconscious mind ?
How much does it influence you ?
Do you know when it influences you ?



I cannot think the unthinkable

But I can feel it.



end of the day

at the end of the day

what really matters?

that we hold affection for someone

and that someone holds affection for us,

that we do it when it’s easy and

especially when it’s difficult.

and if we can’t do it

then we turn our passion

onto why we can’t do it until

we can.

and everyone knows this,

we just forgot for a while.



House Lights

Imagine you are in an isolated house in the countryside where there are no city or street lights and when you look outside at night, you cannot see much.  What you see, is illuminated by the lights of the house you are in.  To see more, you might switch off the house lights, and although you can see more once your eyes adjust, it is then dark inside the house. If you go outside to see more, you leave behind the source of light you had inside. You might find a torch to take outside with you but, you cannot take the house lights with you, neither of which, help you see the stars.



It is misty over the train tracks at Auschwitz

The rail tracks are as cold to the touch

as they ever were



“To all sufficiency

From all sustainability”

(Jason Stoddard :



Are you waiting at the station?   Are you waiting for the train to arrive?

. . . . . . .  It’s not coming.

You are the train.



What memes should we be supporting now, that will help those not yet emergent? Anything that helps build a culture where it is unfashionable and deeply uncool, to be rich.



The second kind of truth is fluid because we are always moving. It is not that truth is malleable   –    it is that we are mobile.




Belief  –  all beliefs  –  are a layer, under which there are deeper, structures.   The direct experience of perceiving this, indicates that, on the whole, knowledge replaces belief.



It is usual for people who experience the mystical to get caught up in the wonder, lights, excitement, love and whooooooosh.   ‘Movement’ is experienced but I don’t think we ‘go’ anywhere.   It might feel like a spirit is transitioning but I don’t think it leaves one place and goes to another. I don’t think our individual skin encapsulated identity leaves (transitions) our body to join some larger place.  It’s already there. And we don’t see this because it’s lost in the glare of our own headlights.  And we don’t see it so we can avoid the mountain lion hiding in the rocks outside our cave.


precious emotions are radiant, layered, sublime


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